Live Tweeting : Swarming Social Media

Live Tweeting is apparently more common than I thought. However, as I looked closer in my social media life, I realized that it was not totally insane. In fact if you step further, this concept extends past just Twitter. How often is it that you see on Facebook, people posting about the sports game they are watching? The fact that hashtags are used on other platforms also has something to with this. I have attended more than one event in my lifetime where it is advertised to share a photo of yourself at the event with the certain hashtag. (I even  made it on the bug screen at the FC Cincinnati game NBD.)  You are able to connect with other people around you. As stated in the article, “The Art of Live Tweeting“, live tweeting,”is the attempt to use public words to create a supportive community of thoughts, ideas, and people related to the theme under consideration.” When tweeting along with something or someone, you are able to follow along with the conversation. You can share your thoughts and feelings with people all over the world about the same subject matter.

If you have ever watched a hyped TV show then you have probably seen different people from the show or the network saying that you can tweet along with the them while the episode airs. Take this tweet for example — it is for the show Pretty Little Liars. I was one of the many people that gave into the popularity of the show and took time out of my week to watch the newest episode. This is an example of live tweeting in a pop culture setting.

The article mentioned above presented live tweeting to be a good educational tool that can lend a hand to making a lecture more successful. While that may be true, I personally see live tweeting in more social settings. I would never simply just tweet during a lecture in class rather than taking notes like the author suggests. If you take  a look around you, you will see that live tweeting is rather common. So pay attention, and realize how live tweeting can be used for  a variety of different things, both educational and not. You will see how this simple concept actually shapes the world around us quite a bit.


3 thoughts on “Live Tweeting : Swarming Social Media

  1. I agree that I would never tweet in lieu of taking notes. You can probably write down info faster than type it into your phone. Then you have to deal with the character limit and whether your followers want to read your notes from physics class.
    I have also made it on the big screen at a White Sox game with a selfie of me and my sister. It makes you feel famous or popular for a split second, like you’re important and connected to all the other fans at the game or other concert goers at a festival.

    I also have not read your blog before, and I like the colors, text font, and layout!


  2. First, I want to say how I like how Abby considers twitter exclusively something you do on your phone at this point since its actually like a real website too.
    One of my favorite pop culture sort of live tweeting is when shows do the “pick the ending” kind of shows. I will definitely watch a show that I hate if they are doing something like that because I get so invested in picking the outcome that it becomes really fun.


  3. I struggled with the idea of live tweeting a lecture because I usually want to pay attention to what is being said. In that respect, I agree with you that live tweeting, at least for me, is mainly about the social aspect. I usually tweet when I am watching soccer games, only during half time or other breaks so I don’t miss anything, as it allows me to enter into the conversation with other fans and my friends and discuss the game. In this way it is partly educational, since I learn more about soccer, and social since it is to communicate with my friends.


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