Super Killer Blogs

Honorable mention to this one ( ) because I got a quality amount of likes from people outside of our class. So I appreciate the support from random strangers and I felt I would throw this out there.

For starters, I believe these are my best blog posts because they were the most creative. I feel like I took the topic of the readings from that week and put a more personal spin on them. I also think that the topics that I wrote about in each of them fit in well with the overall theme and aesthetic of my blog. I was going for a girly and trendy vibe and the first blog post was centered around clothing, the second discusses Instagram likes, and the third was about the ‘beauty gurus’ of YouTube.  By having the posts talk about something not as direct as the readings it makes it more entertaining for people to read. It is more fun to read about something that isn’t something that resembles a lecture.

All the posts mentioned have brought in quotes from the in class readings from that week.  I believe that those quotes were brought in strongly to support the overall argument that I set out to make.

They also all bring in other sources to bring something different to the post. They each bring in a different type of outside source.  The first post has another article from the internet. The next post took posts from mine and my sister’s Instagram accounts to drive home the argument of likes and internet popularity surrounding anxiety. The final post had links to YouTube videos and accounts of people that use the internet as their source of income.

Each of these posts I believe had a solid amount of discussion from classmates. I believe that the posts were strong enough that people could formulate a good response to it. This goes to show how good the post was, to spark interest from other people.

One of the key traits that we discussed for a good blog was that the tone was very casual and not presented in a serious educational way. I believe that my posts do a nice job of this. As the term went on I got better about making the posts flow like a conversation. They were presented in a lowkey fashion.

Bottom line I think these posts are the strongest because they are the most entertaining. I am the most proud of these in terms of subject matter, style etc. They fit in with the blog well and relatively fit in with each other. I have a variety of different sources attached to them whether they be pictures or quotes from in class readings and other readings, and videos. It is also cool to see how the posts have progressed since the inspo post was my second post and the Internet Career one was my last post. Blogging as we have learned can be fun way to have a more exciting spin on spreading information. I believe that they posts do the best job of presenting information to the class in a fun way.  I also think that a strong feature of my blog and these posts are that they are very personal to me. Through the subjects of them you can tell a lot about me I think. Especially in the post that talks about my sister. I think that I have done a nice job of really putting myself into the different elements on my blog.



Internet = Career?

We live in a society in which we live a good portion of our personal lives on the internet. For some, the internet is their life.  The internet has reached a level where someone can literally make a lifestyle out putting yourself out there.

Meet Tori — she is a 19 year old girl who lives on the west coast.

Now what makes her different from anyone you might see roaming around campus? She has made her internet life her entire livelihood. This time last year she was a communications major at the University of Alabama. Since then she has dropped out of school, and moved into her own apartment back home.  Her reasoning? — “To focus on YouTube.”

Now she spends her days sitting in front of a camera talking about makeup and skincare and what she ate for breakfast.

Tori and I are the same age, in fact I am older by a few months and she is arguably further along in her life than I am.

And she isn’t the only one that lives her life this way. There is a large community of people that have made it their job to create internet content. These people have thousands, if not millions of followers and are labeled as a “public figure.”

These people get invited to award shows and are put in commercials like this one:

They get thousands of dollars worth of free products from companies in hopes that they will mention something positive about them.

Take this for example — Here is a “beauty guru” opening the many elaborate PR packages she receives regularly.  This is only one video from one person. She alone has a number of videos like this one.

In this class we talked about what makes something go viral – whether it be a meme or a tweet or video. But what about what makes a person go viral? Is it just one video that takes off to get the ball rolling? Is there a level of pressure on these people to keep relevance? If the subscribers go down will they have to quite the internet and go back to school to get a real career?

So is this all worth it? Is the internet as a job — all of the risk and the uncertainty worth the free stuff and the minor level of celebrity status?

# Internet Famous ?

Picture this:

You’re laying in bed on a night like any other. Your phone is on silent so you do not notice the notifications that are flooding in. You posted a tweet before you went to sleep – nothing special. It was perhaps a bit funny. ( bc obvi everything you say is ) But still, nothing “spectacular.”

Or so you thought–

In a matter of hours hundreds and hundreds of people had given your tweet attention and now it was circling through the feeds all over the world.

You hadn’t even thought about the tweet when you posted it. But I suppose the best things come naturally right?

Now your account was crashing and you couldn’t even keep track of how much traction you were getting.

But why you? What sets you apart from the millions of Twitter users across the globe?

The amount of people that ask this question on a regular basis is really interesting. People have their tweets or posts gain astounding amounts of popularity when in reality their tweets weren’t all that special.

Look at this post for example. It is of a guy asking Wendy’s for free chicken nuggets. What started off as a long shot or a joke is now one of the most retweeted tweets of all time.

So what really makes something go viral????

Well the New Yorker tried its best to answer that question and they looked at it from a rather serious perspective. They brought in speech writing techniques that strengthen somethings appeal and or argument.

Now, no offense to the New Yorker and all, but I think you have to be really dang lucky for something to blow up on the internet. The famous things you see on Twitter these days are usually random and funny. It is usually people not thinking and then after it happens and they have tripled their follower account they usually go “Well I wasn’t expecting that to happen.”

So moral of this is — just keep doing your thing and maybe one day you’ll be as famous as the #NuggsForCarter guy.

Keep On Scrollin on

Have you ever noticed how our existence revolves around numbers? How many glasses of water you drank today, how much money you make, the number on a scale, counting calories, all the way down to your clock ticking.

With these numbers comes a certain level of well — weight. You then begin to compare your numbers to the people around you.

“How many miles did you run today?”

‘ Oh – zero”

As social media grows so does this level of comparison. You notice how certain people might have more followers than you or get more likes on a post. Even if you don’t mean to get offended by it – it just happens.

Take for example, my sister Hannah and I could post the same picture and she would get more likes on it than I would.

Here is an example from our last family vacation. Now although these are not exactly the same they are very similar.  They are both of just the two of us, both located in Disney, taken only a day apart, and I am wearing the same hat. Yet, you will see that she got double the amount of likes that I did.

Now does this bug me? — The answer can be more complex than you might think.

A few years back in my less secure years, yes this number made more of an impact on me. Why does Hannah have more followers than me? Why does she get so many likes? It has been this way ever since she started her account.

Now there are a number of different factors that could contribute as to why she gets more followers. She started her account in middle whereas I made mine in high school. Perhaps her peers since in different stage in their lives, acted on social media a different way.

I of course do not know what caused it but by realizing that it isn’t actually anything I have done most likely it shifts the perspective I have on social media. I have learned not to take things so seriously. Most things on the internet have some level of bias to them and it is often a level that is out of your control. So take everything you see with a grain of salt.

The article by The Atlantic, suggests that Twitter is inducing the levels on anxiety that we have in this day and age. Now this concept carries over to other social media platforms because they are all the same at the core.  I am not sure I completely believe that.

Does that fact about Hannah sting a bit? Sure but am I losing sleep over it? No not really.

All of the things the article lays out I could do with or without the computer. More often than not, social media is blamed for a majority of societal issues. I think it might be more the user than the actual social platform. Social media in its many forms did not set out for things like this to happen. Who would want to induce cyber bullying and insecurities out on the public? ( yes probs some people but we won’t talk about them )

Social media was meant to be something that is fun. It is a way to keep up with the people around you even if they aren’t literally around you. I can see what my friends at other schools are up to and can share with them special moments through a picture. I can also share funny tweets with my friends. Really the best of both worlds.

Everything just depends on how you look at it. Don’t take what you see scrolling down your Twitter feed super seriously. It really is not that important. There is of course that small select of people that are internet influencers that have their career based on social media. But for the regular people of the world it is just something for us to do while we are bored.

I am on some sort of social media a day and most of the time it is when I am sitting alone and need to kill time. Get to class too early? Open up Twitter and mindlessly scroll until the bell rings.

My point is – don’t focus so much on the numbers side of the internet. It is only going to upset you in some way shape or form. Have fun — focus on the meme that made you laugh from your best friend. Hit like on cute pictures your friends post of them at football games. And keep posting your own things so people can see how cool you are.

( or at least how cool you think you are — yes I think my tweets can be funny but maybe the general public disagrees, NBD )


Pictures: the window to your memory?

When challenged to not take a single picture for an entire you might think to yourself, “oh this is going to breeze.” For the most part yes, this is not a super challenging thing to accomplish – unless you decide to leave your house.

When living your day to day life there are small instances in which taking a picture can be very helpful. My mother likes to Christmas shop practically year round so because of this I often have a running list of things I want. It is also nice to have in case I come in possession of a gift card or just feel the need to treat myself sometimes. I am also addicted to shopping. Anyway, I use taking pictures as a way to remember things that I want. While walking through a store and find a shirt or something that seems spiffy I snap a pic to store in my camera roll and have when I may need it. This also applies for books I would like to read. Roaming through the bookstore or a library maybe I don’t have the time right now to devote to reading a novel or in my case I have list a mile long of books I’d like to read to these just get thrown into mix. Basically, why trust my own memory or write something down when I can put zero effort in and spend two seconds taking a picture?

Now don’t even get me started on group chats. What would they be if you could not send in pictures? Now of course I do not take every single photo that my friends receive from me. Some I find on the internet and keep them in the archive until they can be used to their full potential and others are screenshots of someone’s tweet or something I just feel the need to send.

And of course there is Snapchat. That is the social media platform that is literally just taking (ugly) pictures and sending them to your friends. They also have Snap stories which are so fun to watch. Like have you ever seen them?

With all of these things against me I still chose to take part in the challenge. I even went to the mall. ( gasp ) So I was not allowed to take pictures of the dresses I was trying on for my cousin’s wedding and send them into the group chat to get approval like I usually do. I actually had to make a choice by myself??? Ironically enough I ended up not buying one.

So overall I was successful in this challenge. Except for when I sent out my daily Snap Streak pictures – because I would actually die if I lost all of those. And it doesn’t prevent me from being on my phone for large amounts of time but it does help to some degree. I do not need to rely on taking pictures to remember everything in life. I should be able to remember the really important things. The woman in the podcast said how she takes pictures of her parking spot and I haven’t gotten lost in parking lot yet so I must be doing something right.

Live Tweeting : Swarming Social Media

Live Tweeting is apparently more common than I thought. However, as I looked closer in my social media life, I realized that it was not totally insane. In fact if you step further, this concept extends past just Twitter. How often is it that you see on Facebook, people posting about the sports game they are watching? The fact that hashtags are used on other platforms also has something to with this. I have attended more than one event in my lifetime where it is advertised to share a photo of yourself at the event with the certain hashtag. (I even  made it on the bug screen at the FC Cincinnati game NBD.)  You are able to connect with other people around you. As stated in the article, “The Art of Live Tweeting“, live tweeting,”is the attempt to use public words to create a supportive community of thoughts, ideas, and people related to the theme under consideration.” When tweeting along with something or someone, you are able to follow along with the conversation. You can share your thoughts and feelings with people all over the world about the same subject matter.

If you have ever watched a hyped TV show then you have probably seen different people from the show or the network saying that you can tweet along with the them while the episode airs. Take this tweet for example — it is for the show Pretty Little Liars. I was one of the many people that gave into the popularity of the show and took time out of my week to watch the newest episode. This is an example of live tweeting in a pop culture setting.

The article mentioned above presented live tweeting to be a good educational tool that can lend a hand to making a lecture more successful. While that may be true, I personally see live tweeting in more social settings. I would never simply just tweet during a lecture in class rather than taking notes like the author suggests. If you take  a look around you, you will see that live tweeting is rather common. So pay attention, and realize how live tweeting can be used for  a variety of different things, both educational and not. You will see how this simple concept actually shapes the world around us quite a bit.


Fake News or False Advertising?

We’ve all walked down that aisle in the store labeled “As Seen On TV.” If anyone is ever up at all hours of the night like me and is channeling hopping it is extremely likely that you will come across an infomercial or seven. If you have seen one, which most of you have you, would know that they are rather extreme and a bit exaggerated. Because of the way things are being presented in this medium, it is almost hard to believe that the product works the way that it does.  That can be said about just about anything that is hyperbolic because it seems too good to be true.  The same concept carries out through a variety of different aspects such as fake news. Fake news, as we have discussed, is all over the place. It has really come onto the scene in the past year with politics. However, it has been an issue for quite some time and you can see it in different ads and articles.  In the article entitled, “Pizza, politics and pure fiction: the rise of fake news” it says, “Intended fake news sites, according to Philip Howard, a professor at Oxford university’s internet institute, are split between the purely ideological and those driven by cash – hoping to maximise clicks on their link or site to secure advertising dollars.” This quote drives home the fact that news platforms are straying away from the truth in order to be more successful.

The same can be said with infomercials and the shopping market in general. Of course a company is going to try to place their products in the best lighting to make sure they sell well. They throw them on billboards and on TV to make them see desirable and unforgettable. According to, “Despite these measures, however, questionable marketing practices – and products – continue to emerge….  So, the best approach when encountering these extended ads may be to proceed with extreme skepticism and caution” In all of the different mediums that fake news shines through, it is very difficult for the general public to decide what is authentic and what is not.  It’s rather sad that we are given more lies than truth in our everyday lives.

Now how you feel about products that are heavily advertised on television really is not the point I am making here. What I am saying is that we live in a society in which things are forced on consumers in an aggressive way and the desire for quality information or products are often overlooked just to make money.  It is our job as consumers, and as people within society, to demand the truth and not give into the trash that we are being persuaded into believing. We have a right to have real information and have faith in what we are spending money on and not have to worry that we are being scammed.


Role Models — Replicate — Remix.

They say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” In this day and age the internet has really taken this concept to another level. In the reading by Lessig the idea of the “remix” is introduced.  The author describes it to be when different elements of something, example parts of different songs, are brought together to create something new. “The mix produces the new creative work— the “remix.”” The author goes on to expand on this concept in different contexts, such as writing and animation. What they failed to mention was how we see “remixes” almost every single day we just aren’t realizing it.

When you take a closer look on your Instagram feed, walking around school, or in magazines you will see how similar a lot of the content, in terms of style in these situations is the same. People often style themselves based off what is “trendy” or “popular.” With that in mind, a certain level of creativity would be lacking, you would think. This is where the idea of remixing comes into play. How I would wear one shirt could be completely different from how someone else would. Different people bring forth different preferences and aesthetics.

The internet has really helped one product be more widespread and help trends really take off. There are countless apps and websites where you can take a picture of a product and someone will find where you can buy it. People are always taking the aesthetic of others. Whether they be celebrities or characters on a television show. There are tutorials on the internet that teach people how to create and replicate a certain look from clothes to makeup to hair. Now with the increased market for online shopping it makes it even easier to buy the dress you saw a celebrity wear. it is such a accessibility way to buy something that maybe you wouldn’t be able to get depending on the area in. According to Michael Ellis, “along with convenience, these stores offer the latest styles, reasonably priced, updated quickly and continuously, in ways that simply weren’t possible before.”

The tech element of style these days helps make someone’s appearance more widespread. There are countless people on the internet that gain popularity strictly because of their clothing. They blog and post on Instagram with the “#ootd” tag and wait for people to go out and try their best to put their spin on the look.

Clothing is a great way of self expression. There is an art to it and helps people present themselves to the world. The way the same pieces are recycled into different looks, sometimes even with one person. There are institutions dedicated to fashion that teach people to create and be original with style. This whole concept is most definetly a remix.  “to remix— is a critical expression of creative freedom that in a broad range of contexts, no free society should restrict”(Lessig)  Anyone can be creative and are being creative every day whether they know it or not. It is just an element of life.

YouTube is a Friend of Mine

So everyone has heard of YouTube right? This social media platform made its way onto the scene on February 14, 2005.  Since then, the website has grown and millions of people find themselves using it every single day. There are a variety of different genres of videos, so there really is something for everybody. However, when you look past the dancing cat videos, you will see that there are a number of different tutorials for people to utilize. For people that are visual learners, YouTube can be a strong asset. When something of yours is broken, odds are, there is a video of someone sitting in their basement fixing it. YouTube really drives home the whole concept of ‘DIY.” I often find myself within the Beauty section of YouTube where people spend their day buying and then testing different makeup products. This helps people like me that had absolutely no idea what to do when it came to makeup. There is an entire community to tell me what I should and should not buy and then how to use it once I do. I was a hot mess walking around before I started watching these videos.  (My bank account also had a lot more money in it.)

These days, people often look at the internet as a negative thing and that it is altering how people think. That is not entirely wrong. However, what needs to be understood it that the internet can be a wonderful tool to use when you need help.  The article we read entitled, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” brings forth the idea that people of today are changed because of the internet. Of course we have been shaped by this technological advance. Just about every advance before this one had impacted lives and the ones after will follow suit. The article also discusses how people jump around from resource to resource. This can be true depending on the person but on YouTube suggested videos appear. That way as you watch one there is another one in the same category right next to it ready to be watched. I find myself jumping around between videos, especially if they are rather lengthy. It is the same concept as not being able to read an entire article if it appears to be too long and skipping to the next one.

The beauty community on YouTube has altered makeup consumers enough that the industry has seen a direct impact as well. According to BJ Kito, “There are currently 14.9 billion beauty-related video views on YouTube, according to the data software company Pixability. Every month YouTube registers more than 700 million views of beauty-related content. And you thought cat videos were trending.” People are changing the way they shop and what they are buying based on the opinions of people online. This is a more personal way to learn if something is worth the money rather then just reading the comments of something off the store’s website.  So yes, the internet continues to change every day and then in return changes the people that use it regularly. But that does not have to be viewed as something bad.

Now of course this is a rather frivolous side of the internet and YouTube in particular. Makeup is not a major issue in society and the use of makeup is not going to stop global warming or solve all of the world’s problems. But, makeup did change my life a lot; and I can’t be the only one that thinks this.  I found that I have an interest and a passion for something that I didn’t before. This is something I can enjoy with my sister and my friends. My sister and I watch videos together and go out to shop for things together. I have done her and her friend’s makeup for school dances, along with other people I know. I did my own makeup for my Senior prom. I have always been a pretty creative person and sometimes that gets buried by the chaos every day life. But every morning when I get ready I start with  a blank canvas and have the opportunity to be as boring or bold as I please.


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